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Top 5 pancake spots

Top 5 pancake spots

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Date de publication : 12/01/2024

TOP 5 pancake spots (LIST – Manger)
Through a short survey, locals give you the top 5 best places to enjoy crepes on Tahiti and Moorea!

1. Mobydick Crêperie: This is THE spot for crêpes to die for. Gourmet and tasty, Mobydick’s crêpes will delight you in Pirae.

2. Manico Crêpes: Creative and delicious, Manico Crêpes offers out-of-the-ordinary crepes that will leave you speechless. Their signature crepe tatin papaya!

3. Sunset Roulotte Punaauia: Imagine yourself enjoying pancakes and a view of the sea. It’s happening here!

4. Butter Fly Creperie: Light crepes from a passionate chef, packed with head-turning flavors. A novelty not to be missed!

5. Crêperie Cook Café – Moorea: A gourmet getaway on the sister island of Moorea, with crepes worth the detour.