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Tahiti, the capital of Polynesian gastronomy

Travel by taste: Tahiti awaits you!

In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Polynesian gastronomy comes to life. Each dish tells its own story, a blend of cuisine from the metropolis 18,000 kilometers away, Asia and the Pacific.

Street-food is present in the famous roulottes and other food-trucks set up in public parking lots. These include Chao Men, a pasta dish sautéed with meat and shrimp, raw fish drizzled with coconut milk, as well as crêpes and waffles.

Polynesian chefs offer refined cuisine using local produce: fafa, taro, uru, manioc, turmeric, vanilla, fruits such as pineapple… the same ingredients found in the famous Tahitian oven, the ahima’a. Polynesian gastronomy is a veritable culinary voyage, a harmonious blend of the techniques of French cuisine and local products with flavors from around the world.

Discover the most popular dishes of Tahiti and her islands, an adventure for the taste buds.

Discover the Chefs de Tahiti website. Its mission is to showcase local Polynesian cuisine to the world.

Portraits of chefs, recipes, know-how and the culinary flavors of Polynesia. Tahitian recipes, local products and wines.


ANOE’s partner restaurants

French cuisine, local products and flavors with global influences.

NUI, Punaauia
French bistronomy, local produce.

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