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Tahiti airport: all the practical information

Tahiti airport: all the practical information

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Date de publication : 18/04/2024
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Editorial : Mitinui SOMMER

Tahiti Faa’a airport: the gateway to Polynesian paradise!

At the heart of French Polynesia, Tahiti Faa’a International Airport is the gateway to the dream islands and blue lagoons. Boasting a modern infrastructure and a typically local atmosphere with its traditional welcome in song and dance, this airport is much more than just a transit point; it’s your first contact with the beauty of Polynesia. I invite you to discover how Polynesia airport works.


Located on the west coast of the island of Tahiti, Tahiti Faa’a airport is the main airport in French Polynesia. Its location close to the capital makes it a vital hub for international and domestic travel, linking the islands to destinations around the world. Many international airlines serve this airport:

For domestic flights, you can choose between 2 airlines:

Please note that these companies do not serve all the islands. Find out more on their websites or contact their offices directly.

You’ll be able to find my printed version on the shelves in the boarding lounge for domestic flights.

Infrastructure and services

Around the terminal, you’ll find check-in desks, waiting areas, security checks and service areas such as: currency exchange facilities, a communications operator that can provide you with a SIM card (Tahiti Wifi), souvenir shops, restaurants (Aviation, Kuriri and Mcdonald’s), snack bars (Café Maeva and Vini Vini), as well as a number of rental and activity providers, etc.

To stay connected, you can have access to 30 minutes of WI-Fi throughout the airport, beyond which it is possible to have an additional connection at attractive rates.

Connectivity and transfers

Whether you’re passing through Tahiti in transit or want to discover more of Polynesia, Tahiti Faa’a airport offers exceptional connectivity between its archipelagos. Domestic flights connect Tahiti to islands such as Bora Bora, Moorea and Raiatea, allowing you to discover the diversity of these magnificent archipelagos. Need transportation to your hotel or an island? Land and sea shuttles provide convenient transfers between the airport and the island’s accommodation. I can tell you about the island of Taha’a, as it doesn’t have an airport. You have to take the flight from Tahiti to Raiatea, then take the shuttle bus from the airport to enjoy the crossing between Raiatea et Taha’a.

Photo Credit : Ruben Chang
Photo Credit : Ruben Chang

Departure and arrival processes

Whether you’re heading off on an adventure to the neighbouring islands or returning home after an unforgettable holiday, the departure and arrival process at Tahiti Faa’a airport is designed to be smooth and efficient. To check in for a departure to the islands, you can go to the domestic check-in counters on the left wing of the airport as well as the international counters on the left wing. This will allow you to check in quickly, while security checks are carried out professionally to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you need any special assistance, such as help for people with reduced mobility, don’t hesitate to contact the airport staff, who will be happy to help you.

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