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Plan your Polynesian getaway with confidence using our expert tips!

Plan your Polynesian getaway with confidence using our expert tips!

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Date de publication : 18/04/2024
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Editorial : Matahina CABRAL

Tips for visiting the beautiful islands of Polynesia

Visiting the Pacific islands can sometimes be difficult in terms of logistics and budget, but I can reassure you that these tips will help you organise your trip as well as possible.

Plan your dream trip

To make the most of this wonderful trip around the sandy islands, I’d advise you to prepare well in advance, perhaps based on the major events in Tahiti that I’ve listed for you.

Take the time to check the weather conditions during your stay (avoiding the rainy season), the availability of your accommodation(s) and the timetable for transportation, whether by plane or boat, as these can change for a number of reasons: weather, breakdowns, delays or other exceptional reasons…

Average temperatures over the year

SeasonMonthAverage temperatures
SummerNovember to April25°C – 30°C (77°F – 86°F), hot and humid, rainy season
WinterMay to October21°C – 26°C (70°F – 79°F), drier and cooler, dry season

The islands are sometimes very far apart, so some destinations are not accessible every day by plane or boat.

Tip :

  • Consult the Air Tahiti and Air Moana inter-island flight timetables
    It’s cheaper to take the ferry to Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora and Maupiti with
    the Apetahi Express and the Vaearai

Have fun, discover, dare the extreme! All activities are possible here.

Diving in the lagoons or the open sea? Surfing? Hiking? Parachuting or paragliding? You can do it all in Polynesia…

To find local companies that offer these activities, you can search on the Internet or consult travel agencies who can organise a solid programme of activities for you to try out and make the most of every moment.

Don’t forget to learn about Polynesian culture by taking part in local activities such as Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), making jewellery from pearls, flowers or mother-of-pearl, creating your own monoi or sarong, etc…

Tip :

  • Take a course on Polynesian culture online with the centre Arioi
  • Discover the country’s institutions with me
  • Taking part in these experiences will help you learn more about the islands and the power of their culture.

See the activities page

Taste everything. Different islanders have different culinary cultures.

The locals are pros at Asian and local cuisine. Don’t hesitate to try their delicious ma’a (translation: meals).
You can try dishes based on fish caught fresh that morning or the day before by local fishermen, and you can also be introduced to the dishes that Tahitians love: ma’a Tahiti.

Read the article on ahima’a

Don’t miss the chance to try all the Polynesian dishes you come across!
Watch out for the Fafaru, which may scare some away. Will you be the warrior capable of eating it?

Read the article on local favourites

The essentials in your suitcase for discovering Polynesia :

  • Your local monoi : you can find them in all kinds of shops.
  • Your swimwear : Several swimwear shops are available at the airport and in town.
  • Your sunscreen : we’re going to avoid serious sunburn and sunstroke! I advise you to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Your camera, Go Pro, phone : to capture the islands’ most beautiful sunsets and landscapes, bring back a souvenir of the blue lagoons and take snapshots of your best moments, with family, friends or on a solo trip.
  • Your paréo : you can find them at the airport, in shops or at the market in Papeete
  • Your mosquito ra’au (translation: mosquito repellent): so you don’t get bitten by mosquitoes