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Coconut is good for everything: water, flesh, milk, oil…

Coconut is good for everything: water, flesh, milk, oil…

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Date de publication : 26/01/2024

Everything’s good in coconut. Water, flesh, milk, oil…
coconut hides more than one resource under its shell!


The younger the coconut, the more water it contains.

This water, as pure as can be, is a refreshing 100% natural drink, low in calories, rich in nutrients and low in sugar.
Coconut water is used in many exotic cocktails and smoothies.


This flesh, also known as copra, is rich in fiber and nutrients and is widely consumed in Polynesia. It can be recovered using a
curved-blade knife for shavings to be eaten at breakfast, as an aperitif or grated into desserts or fruit salads. Ideal when you’re feeling peckish!


The milk is obtained by pressing the grated coconut. In chicken fafa, raw fish, bread, fritters, sauces, curries…coconut milk is the most widely used form of cooking in Polynesia. It is a good alternative to cow’s milk for vegans, in cases of lactose intolerance or to replace crème fraiche in certain dishes.


Obtained by mixing coconut flesh with water and then fermenting it, coconut oil is one of today’s most popular vegetable oils.
It is eaten for its distinctive, exotic flavor and its high content of saturated fatty acids.
Its subtle flavor goes equally well with savory and sweet dishes, and it can replace butter in pastries.