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Exotic flavours in your basket: buying guide to local products in Tahiti

Exotic flavours in your basket: buying guide to local products in Tahiti

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Date de publication : 31/01/2024

Do you fancy a sensory experience with exotic flavours and local produce?

Here’s a list of must-taste products.

1. Tahitian fruits

Start by visiting a market. There are several in Tahiti, the best known being Pape’ete’sbut by the roadside, usually in our islands, you’ll find enough to satisfy you: sweet pineapples, ripe or green mangoes, papayas, generous grapefruits, watermelons, coconuts, limes (those of the marquises are exquisite ;-)) and colorful bananas of which the rio (small, firm and tasty) and the plantin or fe’i.

2. Fresh fish and seafood delights to discover

Visit the fish markets (Pape’ete, Pirae) for fresh tuna or mahi-mahi. Fishermen also like to sell their catch directly to consumers, often on the roadside. Fish are sold “in packs”, ideal for an entire family. Prefer lagoon fish, which have a more savory taste. The flesh of the Paraha Peue is delicious, sold in supermarkets in season.

The korori (from the Gambiers and Tuamotu islands), the adductor muscle of the pearl oyster, is sold commercially. It is eaten raw, drizzled with lime.

The pahua or clam is sold frozen in most shops.

Vana or sea urchins are sold on the roadside in season.

Crustaceans are sold in season, as they are regulated: Huahine crabs, lobsters, varo, troca, maoa, blue shrimps from the Tahiti peninsula. See the Marine Resources website.

3. Local juices to refresh your senses

You’ll find fresh fruit juice vendors everywhere: mixed with sugar cane juice (in front of Carrefour Punaauia), Pape’ete shops like Tahiti Smoothies, Mister Juice Tahiti or Café Maeva, for example. On Mo’orea, visit the agricultural high school snack bar for delicious juices made up to the minute. The drinks are refreshing and can be very original when noni, guava or tamarind juice is added.

4. Culinary crafts: vanilla, coffee and monoi to take home with you

Your shopping exploration in Tahiti wouldn’t be complete without discovering the treasures of the local culinary arts and crafts. Tahitian vanilla, coffee grown on many islands, and traditional monoi fragrance oil offer you an exceptional taste and smell experience to take home with you.

5. Uru, yams, taro

The flavors of our islands are those of the entire Pacific. Uru, yams and taros are cooked and then drizzled with coconut milk obtained by pressing the nut.

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6. Polynesian sweets and treats for your taste buds

End your culinary journey with a taste of the local delicacies. Confectionery made with coconut, exotic fruits and cane sugar will satisfy your taste buds. Explore small local shops to unearth artisanal delights that will delight your senses.