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Tanning and swimming: how to keep an eye on your stuff at the beach!


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Date de publication : 30/01/2024
Can you leave your stuff on the beach?

Tahiti Papara © Ruben Chang
Tahiti Papara © Ruben Chang

Ready to dive? Mask and snorkel on your head, wait a minute… let’s make a checklist.

You can’t leave your stuff on the sand and expect it to be there when you get back. So, how do you avoid drama? Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a carefree day out.

Before you leave

Leave your most precious items at your accommodation, including your passport and cash.
Check your rental car key: electronic? It doesn’t like water!

Once on the beach

  • The eagle eye: before diving into the ocean, take a look around you. Find a strategic spot where you can keep an eye on your belongings while letting the waves wash over you.
  • Friendly neighbors: get to know the beachgoers around you. Friendly neighbors can become your trusted allies in keeping an eye on your gear when you take a water break.
  • Waterproof magic: invest in a waterproof pouch to protect your phone, keys and other sensitive items. That way, you can take them with you even in the waves, without worrying about the water.
  • Clever staging: arrange your belongings in such a way that they don’t scream “Steal me!” A simple, well-arranged pareo can do wonders to deter wandering hands.
  • Keep your head up when swimming: a little common sense always pays off. Don’t stray too far from shore, and occasionally look out of the water for your belongings.

So, ready to conquer the beach and lagoon without stress? Keep a sharp eye, make friends and enjoy the sun without worrying about your belongings. Happy sunbathing and swimming! 🌞✨