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Listen to ETO, a Tahitian artist


Toutes mes astuces sont élaborées avec soin

Date de publication : 18/01/2024
A sound, a melody and this artist’s commitment to preserving nature

Listen to ETO, an artist who campaigns for the preservation of Polynesian nature. It’s a magnificent song that highlights the beauty of his fenua, his land. The lyrics are simple and direct, but they convey a strong message about the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

ETO sings of his love for his land and his desire to preserve it.

Musical credits :
Co-Author, Composer, Vocals, Chorus: ETO
Co-writer: Stellio Maroaunui
Guitar, Lap-steel guitar: ETO
Bass: Vatea Le Gayic
Arrangements : Alain Lievens-Demeyere (Fritkot Studio)
Recording studio : Fritkot Studio
Publishing : Zik Prod (Zik Prod Tahiti)
Image credits :
Editor, director and cameraman (except surf and nature): Marc Richardson (Sylus Media)
Director and cameraman (Mahina beach): Teva Eyraud (Actua Drone)

August 2017 – Tahiti