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3 playlists to feel the authenticity of Polynesia

3 playlists to feel the authenticity of Polynesia

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Date de publication : 09/12/2023

Today, discover 3 playlists filled with authentic Polynesian songs. 3 playlists for 3 different styles.

Tahiti Belle Époque 🌺
Dive into the world of Tahiti’s past with iconic, timeless songs that have transcended every generation since their release. A real breath of nostalgia.

Sounds of today 🌴
These more modern songs represent the evolution of traditional himene with modern instrumentals and composition. Most of these tracks were released in the last decade and have become “must-haves” in today’s bringues.

Tahitian Remix 🤙
To all fans of electronic music and wild club nights, this is the playlist for you. You’ll find all kinds of local remixes in various styles, such as deck, zouk and more.