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Tahiti at the movies

Tahiti at the movies

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Date de publication : 12/01/2024

Tahiti at the movies, reference films

Yes, Tahiti, its islands and its culture have been the subject of a number of cinematic works. Some are better known than others, so check out our list of must-see films about French Polynesia!

The Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) by Frank Lloyd
The Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) by Lewis Milestone
The Bounty (1983) by Roger Donaldson
The various films tell the fictionalized story of the real mutiny led by Fletcher Christian, which took place in 1789 aboard the Bounty, en route to Tahiti to bring back breadfruit. Captain Bligh was ruthlessly disciplined towards his crew and most of his officers.

The Last Queen of Tahiti (2022) by Adeline Darraux
This film traces the extraordinary life of Queen Pomare 4, who ruled Polynesia from 1828 to 1845. In the lagoon kingdom, custom dictates that only men can become kings. Young Aimata Pomare will break this law.

Moana (2016) animated film
Moana, an intrepid young girl living on an island in the Pacific Ocean, can’t understand why her people have stopped their quest to discover new lands. She decides to set sail, and on her journey she meets Maui, a slightly boastful demigod. This is Disney’s first animated film inspired by Pacific culture.

Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti (2017) by Edouard Deluc
The film recounts an episode in Paul Gauguin’s life, from his first stay in Tahiti in 1891 to his repatriation. Leaving his wife and children in Europe, penniless, Paul Gauguin hoped to find creative inspiration and a livelihood in French Polynesia. There he meets Tehura.