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What to do tonight in Tahiti

What to do tonight in Tahiti

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Date de publication : 12/01/2024

What to do tonight in Tahiti
I give you 6 ideas for a memorable time.

1 – Have a drink on the rooftop
There’s nothing better than a glass of wine and some good music.
LE BAROOF: restaurant – bar – music
Above 3 Brasseurs, Papeete
Tel. :

REEFTOP: bar – music
On the 8th floor of the Kon Tiki Hotel, Papeete.
Tel. :

2 – Eating out at the roulottes
Each roulotte offers a different dish: grilled meats, chao men, raw fish or salad. They set up in the evening, all around the island in each commune. Place Vaiete, on Papeete’s waterfront.

3 – Drink a craft beer
Why not try some authentic local beer? You’re in for a treat!
Beer bar, concerts, entertainment.
Tel. :

4 – Have a drink or a meal overlooking the boats
How would you like to spend a convivial moment by the sea with a breathtaking view of the marina and port of Papeete?

Restaurant, French and Polynesian cuisine, bar, concerts. Polynesian brunch on Sunday from 5pm.
Place Tahua Tu-Marama, Papeete.
Tel. :

5 – Enjoy a happy hour at the sunset in front of the beach
Fancy a cocktail under the blazing lights of the sunset?
Restaurant, bistro and beach bar.
Pk 13.2, côté mer, Punaauia
Tel. : 40. 58. 21. 08

6 – Dinner in the mountains overlooking the capital
A dinner with a panoramic view of the capital, doesn’t it sound dreamy?
Tahiti’s highest restaurant, located in Pirae. Mountain and Polynesian cuisine. Musical evenings.
Tel. : 89. 40. 34. 03

I have a tip if you want to have more choices of outings for tonight. Go to the website: