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Taking Instagrammable photos in Polynesia

Taking Instagrammable photos in Polynesia

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Date de publication : 09/12/2023

French Polynesia, with its paradise-like landscapes, offers the perfect canvas to feed your social networking feed with stunning shots. Here are a few must-have photo ideas to immortalize your stay in our little corner of paradise.

  1. Sunset over the lagoons: Nothing is more emblematic than Polynesian sunsets. Capture the warm hues and golden reflections on the lagoons for a breathtaking photo.
  2. Diving in turquoise waters: Highlight the crystal-clear waters by capturing a photo of yourself diving into the ocean or floating on a buoy at the surface. Be sure to protect your phone in a waterproof pouch!
  3. Selfie with local flowers: Polynesia boasts a multitude of tropical flowers, including tiaras, hibiscus, tainas and tipaniers. They make perfect accessories for colorful, exotic portraits.
  4. Hiking in the heart of the mountains: Capture spectacular panoramas as you embark on a hike through Polynesia’s lush mountains.
  5. Encounters with marine life: Photograph your encounters with dolphins, manta rays and sharks. Boat trips often offer unique opportunities.
  6. Discover local markets: Capture the vibrancy of local markets, highlighting the colors of tropical fruits and Polynesian handicrafts.
  7. Traditional dances: You can attend Polynesian dance performances and capture the graceful movements and colorful costumes.
  8. Relaxing moments on the beach: Whether sipping a coconut or taking a siesta in the shade of the palm trees, don’t forget to take photos of relaxing moments on the white sandy beaches.
  9. Local dishes: Share your culinary experience by photographing the delights of Polynesian cuisine, from fresh fish to traditional dishes.

In short, French Polynesia offers an infinite range of possibilities for stunning photos. Whether you’re looking for underwater adventures, romantic sunsets or cultural encounters, every corner of these paradise islands is an opportunity to create unforgettable visual memories for your social networking feed.”